Upon changing my bag this morning I noticed the skin around the stoma was a little irritated. The irritation was around the circumference of the stoma and being new to the whole stoma game I’m wondering if it’s an irritation caused by the adhesive on the bag.

I have seen products available to help skin irritation but I’m not entirely sure if it’s the bag causing it. Luckily I’ve got an appointment with my stoma nurse booked in for tomorrow so I’ll be able to get it checked out. 

Incorrect Sized Hole on the Stoma Bag?

When you first have surgery, the size of your stoma then will not necessarily be the same as it will be when completely healed. The size of it can vary in size either way. In the early days whilst in hospital, the bags will be cut to the approximate size of the stoma and then as time progresses the holes in new bags can be adjusted in size until when completely healed the bags provided will be cut to the exact size of the stoma. 

This morning I saw a nurse at the health centre (getting the old bum cleaned up) and she mentioned that the irritation could be due to the incorrect size and faeces coming into contact with the skin. Could make sense. 

Bloody Stoma

Occasionally I have noticed some very tiny amounts of blood on my stoma which I was told was normal and nothing to worry about but this morning, in addition to the irritation, the circumference of the stoma was bleeding. There wasn’t a lot of blood but it was noticeable. I’m not sure if it’s part of the healing process (the stitches are still present) or related to the irritation but it’s probably nothing to worry about. Thankfully I’ll be able to get an answer tomorrow.

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Diagnosed with IBD in 2002, I have experienced the usual ups and downs of having a chronic disease and tried numerous medications but the time finally came in 2018 to elect to have surgery to improve my life. I had the surgery in 2019 and this is my journey having a 'New Bum'.

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    1. Dont believe I have an allergy to latex. Not really sure what the base plates are made from. Not feeling any discomfort and I’m sure everything is fine.

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