Back in early February I had my first Astra Zeneca/Oxford Vaccine and my experience wasn’t good, how will I get ok with the second?

There are plenty of side effects reported with the Oxford vaccine and unfortunate enough to experience many of them including being bed-ridden at times. Taking azathioprine for Crohn’s disease which lowers my immune system couldn’t have helped but also it does appear that perhaps my age may have had a factor.

Depending on what you read or who you listen to you could have less of a reaction if you had a stronger reaction after the first and a friend who takes the same medication experienced just that. I was hoping that I didn’t experience a repeat of the first vaccine so that I wouldn’t have to spend the Bank Holiday weekend in bed.


Like the first vaccine I had the second first thing in the morning and I wasn’t expecting any side effects on the day of the injection as I hadn’t after the first one and this time it was no different. After the first vaccine I started to notice side effects around 2am the morning after so I would need to wait until overnight to see what happened.


The night was uneventful and I woke up Friday without any side effects. What a relief! Was this vaccine going to be different? Last time I had made it through the day on the Friday but by the evening I went downhill fast and was in bed by 7pm with fever-like symptoms. Again, this time seemed to be different with no side effects by the evening.


Much like Friday, my Saturday was side effect free and I was in the clear and free to enjoy my Bank Holiday weekend with two runs in the sun on the Saturday and Sunday. Apart from an arm that was only slightly sore to touch I had been one of those that had suffered the first time but had been fine the second time. Hopefully the same will happen when I have a booster in the Autumn.

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