After waiting for almost 4 months for the surgery, today was the big day. From this day forward certain things in my life would be different.

No Cancellations Please

I had been sharing a ward bay with 5 others, all of whom had experienced days or cancellations. My operation had already been put back a few times but it’s easier to deal with in advance rather than having the operation cancelled on the day. A couple of the guys on the ward had been dealt multiple on-the-day cancellations and I didn’t want the same happening to me. The decision would always be out of my control so I would never worry about it but I was still aware that it could happen. 

Form an Orderly Queue

Everything started happening very quickly on the morning of the operation with a surgical registrar, followed by an anaesthetist followed by the big guy himself (my surgeon not THE big guy) all arriving in quick succession. They went through the usual questions and warnings but also mentioned that the decision to continue the surgery laparoscopically would be only be made once inside. 

I was also told that I would receiving a spinal block to help numb the pain around the pelvic area. This was new territory for me. 


I was wheeled into Theatre #8 and greeted by a sizeable team including medical students wishing to observe the installation of a new bum. Over the years I’ve had so many students observing my bum a few more wouldn’t hurt, especially as I’d be passed out!

The spinal block procedure needed to be completed prior to administering the general anaesthetic and was completely new territory for me. First I’d need to the area cleaned with a very cold (I was warned) chlorhexide spray and then local anaesthetic is giving to numb the area ready for the extra long 9-inch needle.  I was told that I would feel the needle going in but would feel an odd sensation where pressure was being applied. I was also told that they may touch a nerve with the needle. They did! Instantly a sharp electric shock shot down from my lower back to my left foot. Then it happened again my my left buttock. The sensation soon disappears and before long my lower body was feeling numb.

Recovery Room

Being a regular in the recovery room after having 4 surgeries in the last 10 months, I was recognised by the nurse looking after me so this made it more relaxing when I came around. Surprisingly I felt pretty chipper when I woke up  and wasn’t in too much pain but I’m sure was due to me still feeling the effects off all the pain medication that had been administered during the operation. 

Back to Bowel Town

After a short stay in the recovery room I was taken back up Bowel Town and back to so many messages of support especially from the running community. I feel very fortunate to know so many thoughtful people.

Right now I’m completely immobile and even shifting around in bed is uncomfortable. In addition to the pain you’d experience from the surgery, whilst the bowel is temporarily out of action you also experience bloatedness which contributes to the uncomfortable feeling.

I’ve got my trusty morphine pump which I’m making good use of though.

My First Fart?

Whilst composing this post I heard a loud pop coming from the vicinity of my new bag, could that have been my first fart from my new bum?

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Diagnosed with IBD in 2002, I have experienced the usual ups and downs of having a chronic disease and tried numerous medications but the time finally came in 2018 to elect to have surgery to improve my life. I had the surgery in 2019 and this is my journey having a 'New Bum'.

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