Running with a Stoma

I used to love running. I used to love getting out on the trails, running back and forth to work, participating in races, running everything from parkruns to ultra marathons and my favourite of all, running night races! Then Crohn’s Disease, my arch enemy for the best part of two decades, decided to rear its head and cause a big flare up. 

I made the decision to have surgery to help sort things out and have a temporary, but hopefully long reprieve from the disease. This would mean that I could return to running but how would I get on running with a stoma?

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Swimming with a Stoma

Since have my new bum installed, I haven’t been at all been concerned about who knows about it, if my bag is on show and I’m happy to blog about my progress and show off my new bum to anyone that us curious enough to want to see it. I think the hard work done by ostomates and support groups in reducing the stigma around wearing the bag has helped me feel more confident about not being afraid to show it off.

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Four Weeks with a Stoma

Four weeks after surgery and I’m feeling good! I’m in a much better place than where I was pre-surgery. Right now I have zero regrets and I haven’t experienced all of the benefits that the surgery brings. Just wait until I can start running without worrying about the dreaded runner’s trots! Sure, I’ll experience issues along the way but I see those as part of the learning experience and the positives will far outweigh the temporary negatives that can be easily solved. 

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