24 Miles, 24 Hills, 24 Hours

In early December a challenge appeared on my radar called The Longest Night and I instantly signed up. I had heard of the other challenge that was held back in June called The Longest Day where runners would head out on the hour, every hour for 24 hours during the longest day of the year. The format was going to be the same but most of the runs would be taking part in darkness.

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Lundy Island Trail Race Review

Last year saw the inaugural Lundy Island trail race take place and as soon as tickets were available I quickly signed up to ensure my place on the limited space boat to the island.

I had signed up almost a full year prior to the race so had plenty of time to get excited about visiting an island I had heard about but had never visited. Due to it’s location it’s not a place that’s particularly easy to get to without a bit of planning an effort. The race would be a a perfect way of visiting the island and seeing the entirety of it.

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