10 Things I’ve Learned About Wearing a VAC Dressing

I have been wearing a VAC dress machine for almost 2 weeks and I’ve learned how to sit right, how to carry it around, how to deal with problems and if it wasn’t in such an awkward position I think I’d be able to change it without issues. Here are 10 things that I’ve learned. 

Note: All of these points are related specifically to using a VAC dressing to heal a pereneal wound.

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What is it Like Having a VAC Dressing?

With a perineal wound that wasn’t healing after 8 months, it was time to bring out the big guns and try a VAC dressing. This is something that had been mentioned many times during my many dressing changes and whilst I had an idea of how they operated, I didn’t know what it would be like to have one. The aim of this blog post is to explain more about them and how I’ve coped with having one.

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48 Hours With a VAC

1:30am and the Butt Machine is shouting at me. The alarm is intermittent and whilst not terribly loud it’s tone is annoying. I’m still half asleep as the alarm continues to shout but the sound doesn’t register but when it did I feared that there was a leak in the vacuum. Thankfully the charging cable hadn’t been fitted correctly so the battery was running low and there was no leak. But, at the same time I realised that my colostomy bag was full. 

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