300th Visit to the Nurse and 1 Year Since the Last Surgery

This time last September I was heading into surgery for the second time after the main colostomy surgery in January 2019. Complications had arisen and a non-healing wound and fistulae that had formed a track inside meant that the best option was to reopen the perineum and let it heal again with the aid of a VAC. 

Despite some lingering issues, things have been better this year than they were last year and the outlook is looking better than it ever has been in the last two-and-a-half years. 

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Colostomy Irrigation: To Irrigate, Or Not To Irrigate?

At my recent appointment with my surgeon, stoma nurse and surgical care practitioner (wound nerd and fellow mycophile!) the idea of colostomy irrigation was brought up. There’s always a lot to take in during an appointment but I think it was raised not because of my hernia (which was a big talking point during the appointment) but because of the things I mentioned such as still having issues with pancaking, leakages at night and random noises.

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