Taking Medication after a Proctosigmoidectomy

When I was originally given the benefits of  having surgery one of them was to no longer take medication or at least take a lot less. In the lead up to the surgery nothing more was discussed about medication so it was on my list of questions to ask. The surgeon couldn’t make a decision about treatment so that fell to my gastroenterologist specialist and I received a surprise visit from him today to discuss medication options going forward.

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Being Measured For A New Bum

My bum is tired and abused and has seen better days. It’s time for a new bum!

When I first made the decision to have the surgery I knew about what would be involved and about the stoma that I would have. I presumed that the entire procedure from removing the infected bowel and connecting the end of the large intestine to the outside world would all be undertaken by the surgeon but I soon learnt that they aren’t responsible for the entire procedure.

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Electing to Have Surgery

At some point up to 75% of Crohn’s sufferers will have surgery of some form either by electing to have the procedure or having it due to complications.

Surgery will remove infected parts of the intestine but will not cure the disease but for many people it will improve their quality of life and allow them to return to normal activities.

IBD is a disease that you never wanted and wished every day you never had and having surgery to change the way your body functions, particularly if you elect to have it, is a big decision. But, at some point you feel enough is enough and it’s time to start pooping a different way.

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Running with Crohn’s

My running career is rather short having only started in 2016 as a way of getting fit. Prior to 2015 I was completely inactive but after a decision to get fitter I lost weight and tried out cycling and swimming before discovering running and caught the running bug.

I didn’t follow any plans as such but quickly discovered that I enjoyed the longer distances runs in particular ultras and progressed through the distances until I completed my first ultra in 2016.

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