Where’s The Poop?

It’s been almost four days since the operation and things are ever so slightly becoming more tolerable. I’m still spending the majority of the day in bed, partly because it’s still uncomfortable to sit and because it’s quite exhausting moving around. I’m trying to only think off right now and the small victories such as being able to walk a little, go to the toilet and become more independent.

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Taking Medication after a Proctosigmoidectomy

When I was originally given the benefits of  having surgery one of them was to no longer take medication or at least take a lot less. In the lead up to the surgery nothing more was discussed about medication so it was on my list of questions to ask. The surgeon couldn’t make a decision about treatment so that fell to my gastroenterologist specialist and I received a surprise visit from him today to discuss medication options going forward.

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Being Measured For A New Bum

My bum is tired and abused and has seen better days. It’s time for a new bum!

When I first made the decision to have the surgery I knew about what would be involved and about the stoma that I would have. I presumed that the entire procedure from removing the infected bowel and connecting the end of the large intestine to the outside world would all be undertaken by the surgeon but I soon learnt that they aren’t responsible for the entire procedure.

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