How My Running Club Helped Me Battle Crohn’s

It goes without saying that during times when you are struggling with illness your family and co-workers are there to help support you but I’ve also found that the running community that I’m a part of has also proved to be a great benefit during the times when I’ve been struggling with Crohn’s, the lead up to surgery and during recovery.

The club which I joined in October 2016 (Parc Bryn Bach Running Club) has become an integral part of my life and I’ve made many good friends in the time I’ve been a member and in a way I’ve got to know even more members through having Crohn’s.

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Swimming with a Stoma

Since have my new bum installed, I haven’t been at all been concerned about who knows about it, if my bag is on show and I’m happy to blog about my progress and show off my new bum to anyone that us curious enough to want to see it. I think the hard work done by ostomates and support groups in reducing the stigma around wearing the bag has helped me feel more confident about not being afraid to show it off.

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