Running with a Stoma

I used to love running. I used to love getting out on the trails, running back and forth to work, participating in races, running everything from parkruns to ultra marathons and my favourite of all, running night races! Then Crohn’s Disease, my arch enemy for the best part of two decades, decided to rear its head and cause a big flare up. 

I made the decision to have surgery to help sort things out and have a temporary, but hopefully long reprieve from the disease. This would mean that I could return to running but how would I get on running with a stoma?

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Eight Weeks With A Stoma

Two months have passed since surgery and I’m feeling great. Everything appears to be falling back into place and I am now returning to doing the things that I enjoyed doing prior to the flare up. And even better, I get to enjoy them without any of the side effects of Crohn’s.

The Ken Butt continues to be the main source of issues at the moment and even though it is very, very slowly healing I have had an infection that needed fixing.

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