Colostomy Irrigation: To Irrigate, Or Not To Irrigate?

At my recent appointment with my surgeon, stoma nurse and surgical care practitioner (wound nerd and fellow mycophile!) the idea of colostomy irrigation was brought up. There’s always a lot to take in during an appointment but I think it was raised not because of my hernia (which was a big talking point during the appointment) but because of the things I mentioned such as still having issues with pancaking, leakages at night and random noises.

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10 Things I’ve Learned About Wearing a VAC Dressing

I have been wearing a VAC dress machine for almost 2 weeks and I’ve learned how to sit right, how to carry it around, how to deal with problems and if it wasn’t in such an awkward position I think I’d be able to change it without issues. Here are 10 things that I’ve learned. 

Note: All of these points are related specifically to using a VAC dressing to heal a pereneal wound.

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